How can I use a supercomputer?

Lecturer: Dejan Valh (INVENTION)

Content: We will discuss the overarching reasons for utilizing a supercomputer, the opportunities for researchers to acquire the necessary knowledge for its usage, and the avenues for accessing supercomputers at IZUM. We will provide an overview of the supercomputers available in Slovenia and Europe. Additionally, we will outline the fundamental principles of supercomputer operation and illustrate the process of working with a supercomputer using simple examples. Moreover, we will showcase the most notable projects conducted with the assistance of HPC Vega, the most powerful supercomputer in Slovenia.

The event has passed. You can watch the video at HERE.

  • Date : 25.01.2024
  • Time : 10:30 - 12:00 (Europe/Ljubljana)
  • Venue : Online (Zoom)


Centralna tehniška knjižnica Univerze v Ljubljani (Central Technical Library at the University of Ljubljana)

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