Open science policies in Slovenia

The Slovenian regulations on open science align with those of other EU members and the European Commission, particularly within the European Research Area (ERA). They primarily emphasize immediate open access to research outcomes, responsible evaluation of research endeavors (while considering open science principles), and citizen engagement in research. Adherence to open science principles is incorporated into the Scientific Research and Innovation Activities Act, with implementation specified by the Decree on the Implementation of Scientific Research in Accordance with Open Science Principles. In terms of research results management, the following provisions are outlined: 

  • mandatory immediate open availability of peer-reviewed publications under a Creative Commons license via repositories, 
  • mandatory preparation of a FAIR research data management plan, 
  • storage of research data in a repository and ensuring the access to research data through the repository is "as open as possible and as closed as necessary" (the data are licensed under CC BY or, where feasible, CC0). 

The disclosure of publicly funded research results is mandated, particularly when they are in the form of peer-reviewed publications. Exceptions to the openness of research data may occur due to the necessity to protect personal and sensitive data, intellectual property rights, and other legal considerations. 

The national documents governing open science in Slovenia are:  

Open science is referenced in multiple sections of ReZrIS30 and further elaborated upon in Chapter 6.2. Open science to improve the quality, efficiency and responsiveness of research, listing: 

  • an internationally compatible ecosystem of open science,  
  • including the principles of open science in research assessment,  
  • compliance of research results with the FAIR principles and immediate openness, 
  • national open science communities, 
  • civil sciences, 
  • an open-access national scientific publishing house. 

The Action Plan for Open Science serves as a statutory instrument for Chapter 6.2 on open science within ReZrIS30. It outlines the activities, indicators, responsible entities, participants, activity durations, as well as the required resources and funding sources. 

Open science is referenced in several sections of the ZZrID and further elaborated upon in articles 40 to 42. Article 40 defines open science. Article 41 delineates open access to all peer-reviewed scientific publications, research data, and other research outcomes, as well as the utilization of personal data for research objectives. Article 42 ensures open access to scientific journals and monographs published by Slovenian publishers.  

Article 6 of the ZDIJZ mandates open access to research data funded by public funds, with exceptions, and allows for the unrestricted reuse of research data that is openly accessible on the World Wide Web. 

The Decree is a statutory instrument of ZZrID and specifies in more detail: 

  • requirements and implementation of open access to research results,  
  • public engagement in research activities, 
  • research assessment in accordance with the open science principles, 
  • national open science infrastructures. 

The rules are a statutory instrument of the Librarianship Act. According to Article 45(3), a university library typically offers open access to electronic copies of higher education degree theses and publications authored by employees of the higher education institution.