Central Technical Library at the University of Ljubljana (project coordinator)
Contact person: dr. Tea Romih
tea.romih [at]

University of Ljubljana
Contact person: dr. Mojca Kotar
mojca.kotar [at]


University of Maribor
Contact person: Iza Jugovec
iza.jugovec [at]

University of Primorska
Contact person: assoc. prof. dr. Jonatan Vinkler
jonatan.vinkler [at]

Faculty of Information Studies Novo mesto
Contact person: assoc. prof. dr. Katarina Krapež
katarina.krapez [at] 

Geological Survey of Slovenia
Contact person: dr. Petra Gostinčar
petra.gostincar [at] 

Slovenian Forestry Institute
Contact person: prof. dr. Tom Tomislav Levanič
tom.levanic [at] 

"Jožef Stefan" Institute
Contact person: dr. Luka Šusteršič
luka.sustersic [at] 

Institute for Hydraulic Research, Ljubljana
Contact person: dr. Jurij Mlačnik
jurij.mlacnik [at] 

Institute for Ethnic Studies
Contact person: dr. Sofija Zver
sofija.zver [at] 

Institute of Contemporary History
Contact person: dr. Andrej Pančur
andrej.pancur [at] 

National Institute of Chemistry
Contact person: Lilijana Grah
lili.grah [at]

Agricultural Institute of Slovenia
Contact person: Lili Marinček
lili.marincek [at]

National Institute of Biology
Contact person: assist. prof. dr. Anže Županič
anze.zupanic [at] 

Educational Research Institute
Contact person: Polona Ramšak Zaviršek
polona.ramsak [at] 

Rudolfovo – Science and Technology Centre Novo mesto
Contact person: prof. dr. Janez Povh
janez.povh [at]  

Urban Planning Institute of the Republic of Slovenia
Contact person: dr. Simon Koblar
simon.koblar [at] 

Slovenian National Building and Civil Engineering Institute
Contact person: Lucija Nared
lucija.nared [at] 

Research Centre of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts
Contact person: dr. Jerneja Fridl
jerneja.fridl [at] 

Science and Research Centre Koper 
Contact person: Peter Čerče
peter.cerce [at] 

Science and Innovation Centre Pomurje
Contact person: prof. dr. Uroš Pinterič
info [at]